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About Us: Real Connections to a Real God.

Restoring Faith

Senior Pastor Scotty Pearson and Leading Lady Lafoya Pearson were inspired by God to step out on faith to begin Restoring Faith Ministries in the Fall of 2014. The Lord immediately began to show His hand of mercy, grace, and favor within the ministry. Lives have been transformed through Pastor Pearson's teaching and preaching the word of God and intentional connections with a family of believers.

Through prayer, praise, worship and application of Bible principles, RFM connects ordinary people to an extraordinary God.


Connecting with God.

Connecting with People.

Connecting People with God. 


Training disciples to live in the kingdom by practicing kingdom living. 

Worship Opportunities


Restoration Celebration 

1:30 pm


Restored in the Word Bible Study

7:00 pm


5262 Eastern Ave SE

Kentwood, MI 49508

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